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Daughters of Culture Spring

Onzie Spring 2015 Collection

The latest styles from Onzie for 2015 are now available from OMLALA. Check them out.  For more style options SHOP by Collection


Fourth of July for Your Tastebuds

December 02, 2014

Eating Vegan Food does not mean eating boring bland food.  It is in fact quite the opposite.  The bright vibrant rainbow of opportunity in the produce section is a playground for food enthusiasts alike.  Whether or not vegan is an everyday life style choice or a once a week participation (for now the taste and satisfaction has been know to convert a few die hard meat eaters) but whatever your choice I want to share some of the delicious experiences I have had recently.   I am forever on the hunt for two pantry items.  Hot Sauce and Pickled things (asparagus, cabbage, green beans, cucumbers...)  I use these items for a variety of dishes and sometimes I want them so... Continue Reading →

Ancient Ayurvedic Treatment & The Long Lost Bad Hair Day

November 19, 2014

  I have lots of people ask me how I keep my hair from drying out. I’m going to share my secret. My hair is curly and dry hair makes for frizz and bad curls. I did’t always have the solution and a mess bun was in style so I went for that instead.  I missed having good hair days and just accepted the new condition of my locks.  As a yoga teacher & practitioner I sweat a lot- A LOT !!! Sweat has salt in it and it and salt drys out your hair, along with what ever products you put in it, add in the coming winter months and with out proper care- BAD HAIR DAY, for sure!... Continue Reading →

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